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30 Simple Things You Don’t Realize You Do That Impress Everyone Around You

30 Simple Things You Don’t Realize You Do That Impress Everyone Around You


Tôi luôn cố gắng duy trì những điều này. Duy chỉ có cái điều 12 chưa cải thiện được bao nhiêu dù đã cố gắng khá nhiều, vấn đề của tôi không phải là nói nhỏ mà là nói nhanh. Haizz

Hình Như Là – 4dummies.info

One the biggest mistakes people make when they’re trying to impress someone is that they assume people only pay attention to the important or “big” things they do. But the reality is that the little things are what matter most. It’s the little things we do or don’t do every day that shape us in to who we are. The little things determine how we respond when big things come in to our lives.

The kind of image you present to the world is determined by your actions, comments, attitude, behavior and even appearance. These things can be noticed within the first few seconds of meeting someone. So, how do you let people know who you really are? How do you impress everyone around you without big gestures or a lot of time? These 30 things might be simple, but they have a big impact. Their effects are lasting. People will remember the little things you do and that can make the difference you’re looking for.

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